The popular Tumblr account Texts From Hillary is calling it quits, after only one week of LOLz, scrunchie jokes and that photo of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton texting.

It's been an overwhelming -- and hilarious -- week for us here at Texts from Hillary (TFH). What started as a joke at the bar between two friends turned into a national conversation about Secretary Clinton and went as far as talks about 2016, creators Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith wrote on the Tumblr account Wednesday.

According to Lambe and Smith, Texts From Hillary had 32 posts, 83,000 shares on Facebook, 8,400 followers on Twitter and more than 45,000 Tumblr followers. We think it's time to stop while we are ahead, the gentlemen wrote.

But their biggest highlight came on Tuesday, when Hillary Clinton herself jumped on the TFH train.

A submission from Secretary Hillary Clinton, read the post, along with an image of Clinton sending fake messages to Lambe and Smith.

For further proof, the duo posted a photo of themselves well, texting with the Secretary. Clinton also wrote on the texting photo collage, as posted on Lambe's blog.

Adam -- Thanks for the many LOLZ. Hillary 'Hillz,'Clinton wrote.

As far as memes go -- it has gone as far as it can go. Is it really possible to top a submission from the Secretary herself? No. but then when you get to text with her in real life -- it's just over. At least for us, Lambe and Smith wrote in their farewell post on Wednesday.

While Texts From Hillary will remain online, don't expect any new posts from its creators.

In honor of the meme that entered and exited our lives so quickly, here's a look at some of Texts From Hillary's best creatons.