Earlier this week, Teyana Taylor was dropped by Adidas over her feud with singer Rihanna in September. The 24-year-old popstar posted a video showing her hairstylist, Yusef, donning a long wig and fitted hat while jokingly singing Anita Baker’s “Caught Up in the Rapture.”

The video mocked Taylor, who also has long black hair and wears a fitted hat in a video she posted of herself singing the same song just two weeks prior. The 22-year-old proceeded to post a photo on Instagram Tuesday showing a man boxing along with the caption, “Indirect talk will get you…DIRECTLY F—KED UP!” The two then ended up in a Twitter feud, with Rihanna, 25, saying her net worth is $90 million compared to Taylor’s $500,000. Taylor, who is signed to Kanye West’s GOOD music label, proceeded to say, "Ya net worth & ya body count go neck to neck. #IndustryP---y" Taylor wrote. "90 million dollars & 90 million n---as diving in that b---h box." Both artists eventually deleted the tweet amongst others they had written.

But due to the incident, Adidas decided to end their relationship with Taylor, saying, “We have ended our relationship with Teyana Taylor and do not have any upcoming product launches with her.”

“All I can say is that adidas partner with athletes and artists who blend well with our brand values. We evaluate our relationships with partners based on the values we hold at Adidas and we don’t condone violence of any kind.”

Taylor responded to the shoe brand’s statement, writing on Twitter, “Hey haters, imma let yall finish but I had the fastest sellin adidas of all time. #HandsMicBack&WalksOffStage  #Kanyeshrug #ImSleepTho [sic]” she wrote, referencing West’s outburst at the VMA awards towards Taylor Swift back in 2009. Earlier this year, her “Harlem GLC” sneakers were the first pair of sneakers in Adidas history to sell out so quickly.