• Coronavirus common symptoms are high temperature and coughing
  • A new symptom has been observed in many of the COVID-19 patients
  • Having this color in your eyes is a warning sign

A new symptom has been observed by a nurse treating COVID-19 patients. Chelsey Earnest, a Life Center in Kirkland worker, said red eyes might be a symptom of the coronavirus infection. In an interview over a mainstream media outlet, Ms. Earnest said that she had observed this in all of the COVID-19 patients. They have what she calls “allergy eyes.”

coronavirus new symptom
coronavirus new symptom Amin Moshrefi - Unsplash

A Reddish Outer Area

Ms. Earnest revealed that the white section of the eye does not turn red. It is more like the patients have put on a red eye shadow on the outer area of their eyes. She also said that they had had patients admitted recently having only red eyes as their symptom and yet they died. Those patients tested positive for COVID-19.

She recalled that there is even one disaster medical control physician asking her if the patients have red eyes. Ms. Earnest had answered in the positive, and immediately, the physician would say they will find a bed for the patient. The nurse said that coronavirus infection might be affecting the patients in dissimilar ways, hence the occurrences of such symptoms.

An Unlisted Symptom

Red eyes are not among those listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC as a symptom of coronavirus infection. According to the CDC, coronavirus infection produces symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, and fever. The health body said these are the main symptoms.

As regards emergency signs relating to coronavirus infection, the CDC said that having bluish lips and feeling persistent pressure or pain in the chest are considered as an emergency. The American Academy of Ophthalmology, however, said that an infection might cause conjunctivitis.

Coronavirus And Your Eyes

There have been many reports of coronavirus patients developing bloodshot eyes, which look like they are having allergic reactions. A study on how COVID-19 could affect the eyes of a person was conducted with the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of health.

Researchers note that there are anecdotal reports of ocular infection caused by COVID-19. They said that while the impact of human CoV infections on the eyes has not been widely researched yet, CoVs are known to cause numerous ocular infections in animals. The researchers also said that more studies need to be done on how coronavirus infection could affect your eyes.