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  • Lee Seung-gi allegedly skipped visits to Korean restaurants that sponsored his concert
  • His New York concert allegedly got canceled because of poor ticket sales
  • His agency, Human Made, clarified that the allegations against Seung-gi were not true

Lee Seung-gi, who recently held his concert in Atlanta for his first-ever U.S. tour, "The Dreamer's Dream: Chapter 2," reportedly faced criticism for allegedly canceling his concert in New York, which was scheduled for Saturday, and for not being able to visit Korean restaurants that reportedly sponsored his show.

Atlanta K, a Korean news outlet in Atlanta, previously reported that the 36-year-old South Korean singer's Atlanta concert allegedly ended "with a bitter aftertaste" for local Korean businesses and agencies.

The report claimed that the singer "abruptly canceled" his visits to Korean restaurants because he was not in good condition. The fans who allegedly waited for Seung-gi were disappointed with the last-minute cancelation.

To clear the reports, Human Made, Seung-gi's agency, clarified that there had been a misunderstanding and that Seung-gi's visit wasn't exactly an event.

"Although there was a verbal agreement to take a photo with the employees, it was advertised on social like an event," his agency explained, per Star News Korea.

A fan of Seung-gi also claimed that she directly confirmed the "Meet and Dine" event posted by one restaurant, and the restaurant told her that "it will not be a fan meet up." The restaurant said the post was for customers who will eat at their restaurant and "maybe" have an opportunity to meet the singer.

The fan claimed the restaurant's post implied Seung-gi's visit was like a fan meet.
Meanwhile, Seung-gi's agency added that they experienced turbulence during the flight and that it was already 10 p.m. when they arrived, and it was past 10:30 p.m. when Seung-gi reached his hotel.

"...If an event or fan meeting were promised with the restaurant, he would have attended no matter what regardless of his state. However, the concert was the most important scheduled activity, and we thought that the guests attending the concert should come first," the agency explained.

Regarding the cancellation of Lee Seung-gi's concert in New York, it was reportedly canceled due to circumstances of the local concert venue and not because of poor ticket sales, according to Star News Korea.

The South Korean singer and actor kicked off his "The Dreamer's Dream: Chapter 2" tour in May at the Links Arts Center in Seoul, per Korea JoongAng Daily.

It was followed by an Asian tour, with shows in Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand, before starting the U.S. leg tour.

He performed in Los Angeles and Atlanta on Aug. 26 and 30, respectively. He was supposed to perform at the NJ Performing Arts Center last Saturday, but it got canceled.

Aside from making waves in the music industry, he is also known as an actor. Among the many South Korean dramas he starred in are "Gu Family Book," "Brilliant Legacy," "My Girlfriend is Gumiho," "Vagabond," "The Law Cafe" and "Mouse."

He also appeared on the big screen in the movies "Love Forecast" and "The Princess and the Matchmaker."

Lee Seung-gi leeseunggi.official/Instagram