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  • The finale of JTBC's "R U NEXT" aired last week, where six contestants made it to the debut lineup
  • Minju, Iroha, Moka, Yunah, Wonhee and Youngseo would soon debut as the members of "I'LL IT"
  • The official social media accounts for I'LL IT are now made public online

The lineup for HYBE's newest girl group is finally complete.

JTBC's reality survival show "R U NEXT" — a collaboration with BeLift Lab, the home to popular fourth-generation K-pop group ENHYPEN — concluded last week, and 6 out of a total of 22 contestants were able to secure a coveted spot in the debut lineup, successfully surviving 10 weeks filled with challenging missions and several eliminations.

During the finale, held Friday, fans from across the globe voted for their favorite trainees, two of whom earned spots in the lineup. BeLift Lab, for its part, was given the task of deciding the next four members deserving of the remaining slots. The panel of judges included KARA's Park Gyuri, 2AM's Jo Kwon, Lee Hyun, Kim Jae Hwan and Aiki.

Named "I'LL IT" — a combination of the English words "I will" and "it" — the members who will soon make their debut are Minju, Iroha, Moka, Yunah, Wonhee and Youngseo. The last two members ranked No. 1 and 2 in the global votes, respectively.

Four of the members are Korean, while two members — Iroha and Moka — came from Japan. Their ages range from 15 to 19 years old, with Yunah as the oldest — born in 2004 — and Iroha as the youngest at 15.

Speaking of making it to the lineup, Yunah told local media outlet Xports News, "I didn't know who would debut until the end, so I was really nervous every time each person's name was called. As if by a miracle, my name was called at the end, and I was filled with overwhelming emotions. I will work hard to prepare for her debut with the same mindset as when she first started as a trainee, and I will show her growth even after her debut." She then thanked everyone who supported her.

Members Minju and Moka also expressed their gratitude to those who voted for them and promised the fans they would work harder in the future. Youngseo, for her part, shared how happy she was that her dream of debuting was finally coming true, adding, "After a long trainee period, I have started a new beginning, and I am very nervous and excited about the future ahead. I will do my best in everything given to me."

Wonhee — the member who captured the viewers' hearts after attaining the top spot, though she only trained for about 11 weeks — revealed that she didn't expect to be part of the final lineup and was pretty much surprised to be called. But she also promised her supporters that she would do her best to show her "cool side."

Meanwhile, Iroha said she felt "a mixture of joy, excitement, anxiety and worry while doing 'RU Next?' but I was surprised when my name was called when the debut member was announced. I am very grateful to the fans and family who supported me," adding that she would train hard and become a "cool idol" in the future.

A day after the finale episode, the social media accounts for I'LL IT, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, were made public. Details about its debut date have yet to be announced. Fans should stay tuned for further announcements through its online platforms.

"R U NEXT" finale episode
Screenshot from "R U NEXT" finale episode. YouTube/ HYBE LABELS +