• She refuted the rumors saying it was a beach towel from 2010 Old Navy
  • Rae is the highest earning TikTok star with earnings totalling over $5 million
  • Rae’s recent WAP challenge on TikTok has gone viral with over 107 million views

TikTok star Addison Rae has refuted rumors that she had a "Trump 2020" flag in her room.

In April, the 19-year-old TikToker posted a photo of her messy room on Twitter and captioned it, "Someone pls help me clean my room." However, the Twitter post went viral this week after some of her followers spotted something that looked like "Trump 2020" flag in the room.

"Just wondering, is that a trump 2020 hoodie on the floor?" one user commented on the post.

"I get the vibe issa Trump flag," another person wrote.

"The trump flag in the background BYEEE," another user commented.

The TikToker was quick to shut down the rumors.

"It’s a beach towel from 2010 old navy," she wrote.

She also posted a photo of the beach towel and wrote, "My meme used to buy us these for my papas bday (July 4th) a good 2010 souvenir."

Rae, who is currently the highest earning TikTok star with earnings totalling over $5 million, was among the few TikTokers to react to Trump’s plan to ban the video-sharing app in the United States.

"Allow yourself to be sad," "Remind yourself to be happy," "It's OK to cry," she wrote in three consecutive tweets before calling the decision "bitter."

Meanwhile, Rae’s recent WAP challenge video on TikTok has gone viral with over 107 million views. The TikToker, who had over 56 million followers on TikTok, has already minted over $3,210 from the video.

She recently spoke to Business Insider about her TikTok journey and brand partnerships.

"I initially found out about TikTok through a lot of young girls at my school and in my dance studio. I remember being in a few of them, and after a while I downloaded it, not thinking I was going to post," she said, adding that she eventually posted a video which went viral.

She gained over 1 million followers in the following three months and also started receiving several brand endorsement offers.

"This is a huge blessing and huge opportunity that's literally based off the people who support me and how much they interact with me. I've really valued the relationship with my supporters a nd I always try to comment back to my supporters and put all of my time and energy into that," she told the outlet.

TikTok star Addison Rae
Addison Rae attends the Netflix Premiere of "All the Bright Places" on February 24, 2020 in Hollywood, California. Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Netflix