Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was denied by Playboy. style.popcrunch.com

"Kate Plus 8", the reality show that spawned a franchise -- and a messy divorce -- will air its last episode on September 12, TLC announced Monday.

According to an early report in Variety, the ratings for the show had fallen below one million in the last few weeks, prompting TLC executives to pull the plug.

Between "Kate Plus 8" and "Jon and Kate Plus 8," the reality series that follows the Gosselins, a family with sextuplets, will have aired 150 episodes, which the network called "an exceptional milestone" in a press statement.

There are indications that Kate Gosselin may have been one of the last to know about the cancellation. In an August 8 interview on NBC's "Today", Gosselin was asked about the possibility that the show would end after this season, and she said "Nobody has told me" if that was indeed the plan, Variety reported.

Jon Gosselin -- who was recently ranked among the top "Most Hated People in America" in a nationwide survey -- has long been campaigning to have his children removed from the reality series, which now focuses exclusively on Kate and the brood.

Jon filed a "cease and desist" order in late 2009, forcing TLC to temporarily suspend production of scenes involving the children, according to a Huffington Post report. At the time, Kate accused Jon of being motivated by sour grapes, claiming he was lashing out because he was no longer benefitting -- financially or otherwise -- from the show.

In 2010, Jon asked a judge to remove the children from the show, claiming the children were suffering emotionally from the experience. After the judge denied the request, Jon posted a lenghty message via Twitter explaining his motivations, which the Huffington Post reprinted. Jon concluded the message by promising to continue his efforts and apologizing for getting involved in reality television in the first place:

"I honor the judge's decision, but I do not support it. I will not stop fighting to remove my children from television. It is not a child's job to support themselves, or a lifestyle, they need to be kids. I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and especially my children for not taking a stand earlier in my life and not questioning my decisions to have our lives documented and displayed. I will have to answer to my children for the rest of my life. I will have to live with this guilt the rest of my life. I am truly sorry!"

Kate has also found solace in Twitter since the announcement, and has been actively chatting with her supportive followers. Unlike her ex-husband, she is disappointed that the show will not continue, saying "it was very sad" for her and the kids. "As if very typical of me," she continued, "am choosing to see the positive in this situation and I am excited2consider [sic] many more invigorating opportunities that may come my way!"

In a later tweet, she mentions that her daughter Mady wants to do more television, and joked "Disney, anyone? lol."

TLC said they will "check in" on the family periodically with televised specials, but no details have been confirmed.