The death of 520 people from tornadoes in a year in 2011 has just surpassed the record for the deadliest year of tornadoes since record keeping began.

The seven additional confirmed deaths from Joplin have brought the 2011 number over the record in 1953, which was 519.

In Joplin, approximately 2,000 buildings were damaged and 30 percent of the town was destroyed in addition to the now 139 total casualties.

It is highly likely that the number of death will increase even further as more people classified as 'missing' will be found dead.

Last month, Alabama suffered 243 deaths. There were also 33 deaths in Tennessee, 31 in Mississippi and 24 in North Carolina.

Twelve and 3 deaths were recorded, respectively, in Oklahoman and Kansas.

The Joplin tornado -- an EF5 packing 200 mph winds -- was the worst since 1950 and eighth deadliest in U.S. history.