Health experts will fight for the mandatory labeling of food products containing the artery-clogging fats (trans fats) at the Review of Food Labeling and Policy appointed by the Australia and New Zealand Food Regulation Ministerial Council and by the Council of Australian Governments.

If labeling reveals high levels of killer trans fats used by the manufacturers, experts will push for its total national ban.

Trans fats which are commonly found in pastries, fried foods and biscuits, are the most dangerous type of fat present in our food which can raise risk of heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes.

Under the current rules of Australia, processed foods containing trans fats are seldom identified.

As many as 6000 Australians die every year from diseases which are linked to eating too much trans fats.

Rosemary Stanton, an independent nutritionist, said that compulsory labeling would encourage the manufacturers to re-formulate their products and be marketed as trans fat free.

Trans Fats are one of those dangerous stuffs in our diet, Stanton said. But how can we people avoid these if they are not properly labeled?

Dr Stanton released the claims by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand that trans-fat levels in Australia are low.

Foods such as popcorn, chicken nuggets, crackers and cheese are high in trans fats, so it could end up with a high level in your diet. she said.

Countries such as Switzerland and Denmark have banned trans fats and US has mandatory food labeling.