19 July 2010: Tradency Inc., the creator of advanced technology for online Forex trading, launches its new Mirror Trading platform, a gateway to a wide range of qualified and tested Forex trading strategies. The new platform takes the mirror trading concept to the next level by providing traders with enhanced clarity, versatility, flexibility and ease of use. Tradency's current mirror trading solution is successfully implemented by top tier brokers worldwide.

This new platform enables Forex traders to use the mirror trading concept, originated by Tradency, which allows traders to 'mirror' and instantly apply strategies that have been developed by other experienced Forex traders. Traders can switch between strategies, open, close or modify individual trading positions, or choose to shift from mirror trading to manual trading on this one platform.

To help users apply mirror trading simply, Tradency developed a suite of advanced tools and features for its new platform, which have been designed specifically with traders in mind. These features make the platform easier to use for traders. They also make the platform more versatile and responsive. Additionally, its accuracy is improved thanks to the introduction of better assessment tools.

The platform features a new user-friendly graphical interface and rich graphic indicators, plus robust instant execution and tools such as the Smart Filter, strategy cards and a strategy scoring system called T-Score. Together these give users the clearest, most accurate and up-to-date information about the trading strategies, so they can make more educated trading decisions.

The graphical interface has been designed to make reading and analyzing data as clear as possible, to make it easier for users to decide which strategies they wish to adopt and then follow. The Smart Filter identifies suitable strategies according to users' specific trading criteria. Strategy cards provide performance details and updates on individual strategies to help users choose strategies that they prefer at any particular time.

The T-Score, developed by Tradency, is only available on this platform. T-Score analyses each strategy's performance, paying extra attention to the risks and rewards, and how well it adjusts to changes in the market. A high T-Score indicates that strategies are performing well under current market conditions.

Lior Nabat, President and CEO of Tradency says: We believe that our new trading platform represents a leap forward in Forex trading technology. It offers traders more flexibility, ease of use and stronger analysis than previously available. We are sure that traders who use our trading platform with its new features and tools will be able to make more confident trading decisions, based on a clarity of use and a comprehensive level of information that has been previously not been available together on one trading platform.