Well, this tale is a little difficult to tell. Here, Mommy was daddy first, and Daddy was mommy.

To begin with, Cai, the father was born a girl. And Emily the mother was born a boy.

They grew up feeling absolutely opposite of what they were "supposed" to feel. Cai was always masculine, whereas, Emily always felt extremely feminine.

It was love at first sight, and it was not long before they were married. Within three weeks of their meeting, Cai was essentially living in Emily's apartment. Within nine months of their relationship, Dante, their son, was born. Dante was a medical impossibility, because Emily cannot have children.

It was Cai who gave birth to Dante. Cai was all over the news a few months back when he was pregnant with Dante. Ask Cai how he feels about giving birth to Dante, he says he feels like a dad still.

Cai and Emily share their experience as to how they felt about their bodies as kids, when they realized that they were transgender, and shared much more in a detailed interview with Tara Brown of ninemsn.

Dante is now 22 months old.

"We didn't plan on having a baby," says Emily, 28. "We didn't try to make it happen nor did we think it could happen. We were planning on adopting because, as far as we knew, having a baby on our own was ­impossible separately, let alone together.

"How it happened is a mystery, but we're very grateful for it. I guess when two people love each other a lot, then a lot of special things can happen," reports Mirrior.

The couple who had not undergone sex change surgery started living together knowing that they truly understood each other.

When Cai got pregnant with Dante, he was on high dose of the male hormone testosterone and was thought to be "chemically sterile". Emily too was on harmone tablets for almost a decade, and never thought that she could have biological children of her own.

Cai was in fact on had birth control injections, just to be safe. But nine months on from their first date he discovered that   his ­"stomach upset" was in fact a baby. "I was seven months' pregnant and I didn't know it," he says. "I'd put on 18lbs but didn't feel the baby move," said the report.

Emily was born a boy and was named Scott by her parents. Emily went through a sex-swap operation a few months after the birth and wishes she could have given birth to Dante.

Despite the unplanned and unusual pregnancy, the couple has taken charge of their respective roles in parenting and is doing their best.

Emily "breast-feeds" Dante with formula milk using a special attachment.

Cai has not undergone any sex swap operation and says he is happy the way he is.

"As far as how we see each other, we're a heterosexual couple. He's a man but has female parts. I'm a woman that once had male parts. When I'm at work people just assume that I'm just an average mother with a kid and husband," says Emily according to the report.

Emily looks feminine that most work colleagues don't know her background, she added.

The couple live in rural Pennsylvania in the US, has shared their experience in a ­TV ­document­ary called "Pregnant and Transgender".

The couple says that when Dante grows up, there will not be any secrets. They say they explain the situation to him to him saying "We'll explain the situation, and that it doesn't mean anything is wrong or that he's different. We will say mummy couldn't have babies so daddy did it for her," said the report.