Political activist and Grammy-award winning producer Wyclef Jean has created a new video that pays homage to Trayvon Marton, the 17-year-old boy that was gunned down by neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman.

If you're seventeen, and you're wearing a hoodie, you're on the phone, talking to your shorty, make no mistake, there's one like you, in every city, you know the story, Wyclef sings. He goin' creep up, from behind, have you leave Earth, before your time, by the time PoPo show up, he goin' say he was so scared he shot you up.

Wyclef then addresses the potential in young Trayvon Martin's life that was wasted. He could have been the next president, sing Wyclef. He could have been the next Steve Jobs. He could have been the next astronaut. So until we get justice, we won't stop.

In the refrain, Wyclef sings, If you're seventeen with a hoodie on watch out for the neighborhood watch out.

Wyclef's song has been uploaded in the wake of a Sanford, Fla. Judge granting a $150,000 bail for George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman will not be allowed to be released until Friday because further terms of the bail must be discussed such as whether Zimmerman will be allowed out of the state.

To hear Wyclef's tribute to Travyon Martin, check out the video below: