Kristin Chenoweth as Lavinia
Dwayne (Steven Boyer) thinks alleged killer Lavinia (Kristin Chenoweth) is a vampire in the trailer for Season 2 of NBC’s “Trial & Error.” NBC/Sergei Bachlakov

Josh and his team try to clear the name of alleged killer Lavinia Peck-Foster in Season 2 of NBC’s “Trial & Error.”

In the trailer for the sophomore run of the NBC sitcom, a police officer pulls Lavinia (Kristin Chenoweth) over for speeding. But when the cop inspects the trunk of her car, the policeman finds the dead body of her husband stuffed inside a suitcase. To prove that she has nothing to do with the death of her husband, which happens to be the mayor of the town, Lavinia hires Josh (Nicholas D’Agosto) to represent her in court.

While a lot of people in East Peck don’t think Lavinia murdered her husband, assistant district attorney Carol Anne Keane (Jayma Mays) tries to prove otherwise. “Your honor, this [evidence] will prove Miss Peck-Foster is a brutal and savage psychopath,” says Carol, who presents autopsy photos showing traces of gold in the victim’s head.

Funnily enough, Lavinia helps Carol prove her point when she casually reveals that the only gold-plated thing she owns is her cane.

Despite this strong argument against Lavinia, Josh still believes that his client is innocent. “Our client may be eccentric but she is not a criminal,” the New York native tells his team. Josh’s head researcher, Anne (Sherri Shepherd) agrees, noting that there’s no way Lavinia would have had enough time to kill her husband and get him down to the river. “Unless she’s a vampire,” suggests Josh’s lead investigator Dwayne (Steven Boyer).

Apparently, Lavinia’s husband was killed between 7 and 8:15 in the evening during a party. When Josh tells the accused that they are trying to place her at the party during the said time, Lavinia says she has photos from the gathering but she’s afraid her defense team won’t see her in any of them.

Since vampires don’t appear in photographs, Dwayne furtively reminds Josh of his theory that Lavinia is one of those blood-sucking supernatural creatures.

During a Q&A at the ATX Television Festival earlier this month, executive producer Jeff Astrof explained why this is the biggest case Josh has ever had so far. “No one believes that Lavinia did it,” Astrof said (via Deadline) of the beloved first lady of East Peck. “[So] the stakes are very high for [Josh] because if he loses the entire town will be against him.”

Speaking of her character, Chenoweth told TV Insider that Lavinia is “a little bit stuck” and “a little bit childlike.” “[But] this role taught me to accept people for where they are in their life,” the actress said. “Not everyone is going to be where you think they should be.”

“Trial & Error” Season 2, titled “Lady, Killer,” premieres with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, July 19, starting at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.