After dissing rapper Casanova, Troy Ave is now setting his sights on Joe Budden. On his latest song, “Press Spray,” the Brooklyn rapper accuses Budden of using drugs and beating women.

Troy Ave begins his diss by slamming Joe Budden’s music, calling it “wack.” The rapper then goes on to call Budden a “drug-addict,” a “rap podcaster” and accuses him of assaulting women. Troy Ave also seems to have a more personal relationship with Budden as well, rapping about how the two were once friends.

According to Troy Ave, following a shooting incident he was involved in, Budden did not visit him in the hospital while he was recovering from being shot. The rapper, who has recently called himself the second coming of Tupac Shakur, ended his diss track with a sample of a famous Tupac interview where the late rapper discussed being “done in” by people around him.

Joe Budden has yet to respond to the diss, and it doesn’t appear like it’s bothering him. The rapper retweeted a tweet that said, “Joe Budden is so far removed from music that his first tweet of the day was wishing the world good morning. We at war with Troy Ave man wtf.” Budden replied to the tweet, writing, “Lmao… pretty much man.”

While Budden has never been found guilty of assaulting a woman, the rapper has had issues with the law before. In 2014, a woman accused the rapper of twisting her arm and using force to take her cellphone away from her. Budden was charged with robbery, grand larceny and criminal obstruction of breathing. 

Two years after the incident, Budden was cleared of all charges after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct. “After one year and seven months, all domestic violence/grand larceny charges against me are dismissed… God is good,” he tweeted in 2016. 

The rapper was also called a “wife-beater” in 2010 by his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry. In a video posted on YouTube, Tahiry made the allegation when speaking about having a tattoo of the rapper removed.