If it’s up to Jamie Lee Curtis, moviegoers will never get a sequel to “True Lies.”

Ahead of being honored at CinemaCon’s Big Screen Achievement Awards with its vanguard award in Las Vegas last week, the veteran film star touched on why she doesn’t like to revisit her past roles, even after reviving her famous character Laurie Strode for last year’s “Halloween.”

“I don’t think we could ever do another ‘True Lies’ after 9/11,” Curtis told reporters, including International Business Times, on April 4. “This was pre 9/11 so I wouldn’t want to say we could make fun of terrorism but we could make fun of terrorism because it was so outrageous and of course, we can’t ever make fun of them ever again.”

When asked if she would want to revisit any other film properties outside of the James Cameron-directed, Arnold Schwarzenegger thriller, she was quick to shut down the idea. “I don’t do any of that. I just make dinner,” she quipped. “It’s not who I am.”

Despite her resistance to revisit “True Lies,” she did call her character Helen in the film her favorite of her career. “‘True Lies’ is just a perfect combination of everything I would do well in every way. It was just a perfect canvas. It was such a giant scope and Jim hired me, he wrote it for me...and it’s because he just let me do what I do,” she explained.

“The truth is I am an untrained person... but that movie took advantage of everything that is good about my talent and the freedom that I had to be Helen and just the very nature of it…I just think that was probably the most complete experience I ever had.”

Next up for Curtis is “Knives Out,” a whodunnit from Lionsgate, directed by Rian Johnson of “Looper” fame. While Curtis called Rian talented, she said it was the cast list that led to her signing on to the project.

After reeling her in with the promise of Daniel Craig taking on the role of the story’s detective, she was further enticed by news Don Johnson would be her on-screen husband and “Avengers” star Chris Evans would play her son.

“I got a script sent to me that said, literally it said, Daniel Craig. I was like, ‘Yeah, ok’...and then it was like and then you’ll be married to Don. ‘Ok. I could do two months married to Don.’ And your son is Chris. ‘Definitely.’ It was just one of those things. Every person that they added to the cast was just crazy how fun it was.”

“Knives Out” premieres in theaters in November.

jamie lee
Jamie Lee Curtis from "Knives Out" speaking at Lionsgate’s CinemaCon presentation at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace on April 4, 2019. Dan Steinberg