President Donald Trump has endured historic low approval ratings after eight months in office. According to Quinnipiac University poll data, Trump's highest approval rating was 42 percent, which he achieved in early February, and his lowest disapproval rating was 44 percent, which he achieved in his first week in office.

Trump's numbers are particularly discouraging considering that in Barack Obama's first eight months the historically right-leaning Rasmussen Reports had his approval rating as high as 63 percent while his lowest disapproval-rating was 29 percent.

When things have been bad for Trump, they have been really bad. A Quinnipiac poll in late July showed he had an approval rating of just 33 percent and a disapproval rating of 61 percent. Trump has seen an uptick in a Quinnipiac poll released in late August, but it wasn't significant.

Trump's approval ratings are as high as they are due to loyalty from ardent Republicans. Long-time political analyst Ronald Brownstein on Wednesday pointed out the different GOP demographics that continue to support Trump and those that have become dissatisfied.

"Trump retains his strongest support from Republicans who are older or who lack a four-year college degree. But across several measures he's now facing discontent among the opposite groups: Republicans who are younger than 50 or who have obtained at least a four-year college degree," Brownstein wrote on CNN. 

Trump may need a bigger boost ahead of the upcoming 2018 election. GOP candidates could suffer due to Trump's consistently poor numbers since assuming office in late January. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released last week, 59 percent of Americans feel the country is on the wrong track, while 26 percent say the country is on the right track. Since Trump assumed office, no poll has shown that more than 50 percent of Americans believe the country is on the right track.

Trump Approval Ratings (Quinnipiac)

Jan. 20-25: Approval: 36%, Disapproval: 44%; Margin: -8%

Feb. 2-6: Approval: 42%, Disapproval: 51%; Margin: -9%

Feb. 16-21: Approval: 38%, Disapproval: 55%; Margin: -17%

Mar. 2-6: Approval: 41%, Disapproval: 52%; Margin: -11%

Mar. 16-21: Approval: 37%, Disapproval: 56%; Margin: -19%

Mar. 30-Apr. 3: Approval: 35%, Disapproval: 57%; Margin: -22%

Apr. 12-18: Approval: 40%, Disapproval: 56%; Margin: -16%

May 4-9: Approval: 36%, Disapproval: 58%; Margin: -22%

May 17-23: Approval: 37%, Disapproval: 55%; Margin: -18%

May 31-Jun. 6: Approval: 34%, Disapproval: 57%; Margin: -23%

Jun. 22-27: Approval: 40%, Disapproval: 55%; Margin: -15%

Jul. 27- Aug. 1: Approval: 33%, Disapproval: 61%; Margin: -28%

Aug. 9- Aug. 15: Approval: 39%, Disapproval: 57%; Margin: -18%

Aug. 17- Aug. 22: Approval: 35%, Disapproval: 59%; Margin: -24%