New Meghan Markle rumors have claimed that the actress-turned-duchess is set to star in Reese Witherspoon’s upcoming project, but there has been no confirmation regarding these claims.

Woman’s Day claimed that the Duchess of Sussex has been tapped by “The Morning Show” producer to appear in her new TV show after secretly meeting up with her at Frogmore Cottage.

An unnamed source claimed that Prince Harry’s wife is on board with the idea of appearing on television or the big screen. A few weeks ago, Witherspoon went to London to promote “The Morning Show.”

On her Instagram account, the actress shared a video of herself while shopping around London. Witherspoon searched for a plate that had Markle’s face on it. And by the looks of it, this is where the rumors started.

The source claimed that Witherspoon wrote to Markle and asked if they could meet up. To her surprise, the Duchess of Sussex did not only respond to her request; she also invited her to her home.

“They had a meeting in Meghan’s kitchen, drinking herbal tea, eating her homemade banana oatmeal muffins and talking about Hollywood like they were old friends. Harry is supportive of the idea as long as filming doesn’t clash with their royal duties and they’ve agreed to meet up again while Meghan is in LA,” the source said.

However, there are some loopholes to the tabloid’s claim, so it is best to just take all of them with a grain of salt. First, the Duchess of Sussex set aside her work as an actress even before she married the royal family because she is no longer allowed to take on roles as a royal.

It is unlikely that Markle would star in Witherspoon’s upcoming show since she isn’t allowed to do so.

Second, even though Witherspoon really went to England a few weeks ago, it is not true that she reached out to Markle to ask if they could meet. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex didn’t open their home for the actress either.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial at The Cenotaph on Nov. 10, 2019, in London, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images