Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks, according to new rumors, but there doesn't seem to be any truth to these claims.

Globe published a report with a headline that reads, “Michelle & Barack SPLIT!” The report alleged that the couple decided to part ways amid “screaming matches over money and out of control kids.”

“It’s an open secret Michelle wants more of Barack from a family point of view and she’s incredibly disappointed he chooses to spend so much time apart,” an unnamed source said. “For years they did everything together and Michelle paid her dues ten times over while they were in the White House. She supported him at every turn, based on the promise he’d let her run the show and decide where they’d live after they left office. But he hasn’t kept his word at all, so it’s no wonder Michelle’s raging! They’ve had terrible screaming matches.”

The insider added that Michelle and Barack also have distinct parenting styles. While Barack make a fortune doing his solo outing, Michelle was left parenting their daughters.

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt. This week, Barack just penned a warm birthday greeting for Michelle’s mom, Marian Robinson on Facebook.

According to the former president of the United States, Robinson was not only there for Michelle and their daughters, but for him too. He also highlighted his mother-in-law’s steadiness and perspective.

Also, Michelle is unlikely to just let her marriage with Barack end that easily. The former first lady of the United States knew that marriage requires work.

“There are a lot of young people who look at me and Barack ... and they think, ‘Oh, I want those #relationshipgoals,’” Michelle said. “But I want young people to know that marriage is work. Even the best marriages require work.”

Also, during the Essence Festival, Michelle talked about her over 26 years of marriage with Barack. According to her, “marriage is a choice you make everyday.”

“You don’t do it because it’s easy. You do it because you believe in it. You believe in the other person,” she said.

Michelle encouraged the crowd to marry somebody that they respect. She added that when finding a lifetime partner, one should look for someone that is her equal and who wants her to win as much as she wants him to win.

Barack and Michelle Obama
Former first couple Barack and Michelle Obama have an estimated net worth of $80 million. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images