People are bashing Ivanka Trump for sharing a seemingly innocent Thanksgiving photo with her mom, Ivana, when she was only 12. Some are saying this holiday throwback photo, however, is far from "innocent."

Ivanka's latest social media dust-up was triggered by the same post she shared on Twitter and Instagram. The caption reads: "'Happiness is homemade! #ThanksgivingMemories." The photograph was taken in 1993.

Ivanka, now a 38 year-old mom, is shown as a smiling and beautiful 12 year-old lass with her smiling mother, Ivana. This was the second Thanksgiving for Ivanka since her mom and dad divorced in 1991.

Oddly, Ivana is shown in a long-sleeved dress (a definite fire hazard when cooking) basting a huge turkey while Ivanka holds a silver gravy boat. The colored photograph was taken in the kitchen at the family's former mansion in Connecticut.

Now, for the sniping and cheers.

A Twitter user named Sheila yelled "STAGED‼"

Someone with the handle "la blonde atomique" wrote: "We’re supposed to believe Ivana fixed the perfect turkey in that perfect outfit with the big puffy sleeves? I also like the perfectly invisible gravy.  Everything associated with the trump name is a fraud."

Another user said: "That's not a kitchen, it's an autopsy room."

In the opinion of Princess First Daughter, "Happiness is going into the servant's quarters with the silver serveware and pretending  you made thier (sic) turkey! Mummy is so funny"

A tweeter with the handle, Lilac Baptisia, Devin Nunes’s (butt), said, "The huge amount of foil around the room says: “made somewhere else and transported here by the caterer.” Lilac may have a point there.

On the other hand, the kindlier folks said of this photo, "what a sweet throwback photo.. so precious.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family Ivanka...." 

While Bellalina Ballerina noted, "Your Mom is one amazing lady!! Sweet memories, I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving."