Ivanka Trump's net worth is expected to be the biggest among the Trump siblings. Is she really richer compared to Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump?

Ivanka Trump’s net worth is around $375 million when you include her business ventures, fashion brand and marriage to Jared Kushner, according to Forbes. On the other hand, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump reportedly have a net worth of $25 million each. The report added that exact figures are hard to determine since the available data for public consumption is limited. 

The New York Times. however, reported that the total net worth of President Donald Trump’s daughter and Kushner is actually bigger than half a billion dollars. The current estimate is at $786 million, boosted by real estate holdings and other ventures. This figure is actually less when compared to their 2017 combined net worth allegedly around $811 million which is boosted by an investment spree during that time. 

The same report noted that the couple earned $135 million in 2018, according to annual financial disclosure reports.

Kushner is part owner of family-run business Kushner Companies and he has been linked to a controversial deal with Middle East investors. He serves as senior White House advisor for the Middle East, a move which critics claim could be a potential conflict of interest. His family owned a property in 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and was acquired by Brookfield Asset Management, a property management company tied up with Qatari government. 

Ms. Trump also wrote some books on the side. Her books are entitled “Women Who Work” and “The Trump Card Playing to Win in Work and Life”. She reportedly received $263,500 from publisher Penguin Random House for her “Women Who Work” book. 

The 38 year-old former New York socialite served as an executive vice president at the Trump Organization. While traveling the world and making deals, she has also built her brand. Her fashion line offers bags, jewelry and shoes made $75 million in sales in 2013. However, things went south quickly, with her business shutting down on July 2018 amid reports it suffered from her father’s controversial statements. 

With all the figures in her bank account, it is not surprising that Ms. Trump loves fancy things. Just like her father, she also displayed the deal making skills that made President Donald Trump a successful entrepreneur. She was famous for getting the Trump National Doral Miami deal, originally worth $1 billion but she got for $150 million, per Business Insider

Ivanka Trump has built her fortune on her skills and savvy business ventures. Among the Trump siblings, it is not surprising she has the biggest bank account due to her business acumen.

Kushner Ivanka White House Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump and Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner talk to von German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen during the 55th Munich Security Conference in Munich, southern Germany, on February 16, 2019. Photo: THOMAS KIENZLE/Getty Images