Former US president Donald Trump is pictured in January 2017 taking the oath of office next to his wife Melania and son Barron


  • Melania Trump and Donald Trump stepped out for a dinner date at Mar-a-Lago Thursday
  • Melania looked stunning in her red dress, and Donald looked dapper in his blue suit
  • Twitter users have mixed opinions about the Trumps' sighting following his indictment

Melania Trump and Donald Trump enjoyed a dinner date after his indictment, and their outing received mixed responses from the netizens.

The former president and first lady stepped out for a dinner date Thursday after his indictment. Donald arrived at Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida with his wife.

Melania looked stunning in her red dress. Meanwhile, the former politician looked dapper in his blue suit.

The club members welcomed them with warm applause when they entered the place just hours after the unprecedented decision making him the first former president to face criminal charges, The New York Post reported.

The sighting received mixed responses from Trump supporters and critics.

Dr. Gina, a longtime Trump media advisor, shared photos of the Trumps' dinner date on Twitter.

"Beautiful evening here at the gorgeous Mar a Lago! Our REAL First Couple enveloped in the love of their friends and most loyal!" she wrote. "Sorry to disappoint, corporate media [face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye emoji]. Actually not. Screw you! This is a happiness you will never know, sadly."

"Knowing Trump is going to prison for a very long time makes it a beautiful evening all across America, but I promise you, no one is happier than Melania," one commented.

"Mark Levin had dinner with them on Thursday night, and he said Donald and Melania were very tight. They need to give Kimmel his own seat on 'The View,'" another wrote.

"The last supper!" another commenter said. A different user added, "Still need to eat, and you can't let them see fear. Business as usual. Hope he brings in [Alan] Dershowitz for some help."

"He is innocent. Why should he starve himself?" another commenter opined.

"So he can not eat? If you agree with the indictment you do not know anything about the law and just a sheep following the rest of the stupid herd. Trump 2024!!!" another user added.

The ex-POTUS stayed up late doing interviews and messages from politicians who were outraged at the indictment. The New York Post shared screenshots of his post on his Truth Social page.

"So Sad!" he wrote around 2: 20 a.m. while sharing a poll suggesting that the majority of the people believed the lawsuit against him was motivated by politics and not the law.

His last post was before 3 a.m., suggesting prosecutors should look into President Joe Biden's troubled family by writing, "Where's Hunter?"

Former US President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, speak to reporters after voting in Palm Beach, Florida