Donald Trump
President Donald Trump arrives to deliver a speech on U.S.-Cuba relations at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, June 16, 2017. Reuters/Carlos Barria

President Donald Trump explained the reason why he had Wall Street billionaires in his cabinet, saying he would not want poor people to be in charge of the country's economy. The 71-year-old made the comments during a rally in Iowa Wednesday night.

"So somebody said, 'Why did you appoint a rich person to be in charge of the economy," Trump said to a group of his supporters at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids. "I said, 'Because that's the kind of thinking we want ... because they're representing the country. They don't want the money," he told the crowd.

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"And I love all people - rich or poor - but in those particular positions, I just don't want a poor person," Trump continued adding, "Does that make sense? If you insist, I'll do it - but I like it better this way."

The 71-year-old Republican was criticized for appointing many former executives with ties to Wall Street to his cabinet, including Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary, Goldman chief operating officer Gary Cohn as chief economic advisor, and Goldman managing director James Donovan as deputy Treasury Secretary. However, during his presidential campaign, Trump had slammed Hillary Clinton for her ties to Wall Street.

"I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over [Ted Cruz]," Trump said in South Carolina during the 2016 primary election. "Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton," he said at the time. During a 2016 campaign rally in Iowa, Trump also said: "I know the people on Wall Street ... I'm not going to let Wall Street get away with murder. ... Wall Street has caused tremendous problems for us."

On Wednesday, Trump said his administration has created “almost $4 trillion in wealth” for the country and that the unemployment rate is the lowest in 16 years since he took office on Jan. 21. While praising Goldman Sachs' president's role in the cabinet, Trump said: "And they had to give up a lot to take these jobs. ... When you get ... the president of Goldman Sachs ... having him represent us, he went from massive paydays to peanuts. But these are people that are great, brilliant business minds, and that's what we need."

Trump also addressed his decision to get the U.S. out of the Paris climate change accord, saying he wanted to put America first and the climate change deal would have cost America “millions of lost jobs and billions and billions of lost dollars and put us at a permanent economic disadvantage.” The president also said he is ending “the war on our clean beautiful coal” and wants to bring “all forms of energy” back to the country, including renewable sources.

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“We use electric, we use the wind, we use solar, we use coal, we use natural gas, we will use nuclear if the right opportunity presents itself,” Trump said. “I don’t want to just hope the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories, as the birds fall to the ground,” he added.

Further, speaking about the jobs in America, Trump said bringing back the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline would pave way for 38,000 jobs and was “better for the environment”. He also said it would be “safer” because the pipe is “underground.”

Of all the things Trump spoke Wednesday night, Twitter seemed unhappy with the president backtracking from his own comments about Wall Street billionaires during his presidential campaign. Here's how Twitter reacted: