President Donald Trump
In this photo, U.S. President Donald Trump makes brief comments on a question about this morning's terror incident in London, in the Rose Garden of the White House September 15, 2017 in Washington, DC. Getty Images / Win McNamee

President Donald Trump started his Sunday with a Twitter frenzy. Not only did he mock North Korea leader Kim Jong-un as "Rocket Man" in a tweet, he shared a clutch of tweets that either aggrandized him or mocked his detractors.

He retweeted four posts by a Twitter account by the name "Trumpism 9.0," including one of a fake electoral college map showing him winning all 50 states and D.C. in 2020.

But the tweet shared by the president that kicked up the most dirt was by a GIF tweeted by a page called "CNN sucks." The edited video shows the president swinging a golf club and appearing to hit Hillary Clinton, his rival in last year's presidential election, with the ball.

Interestingly, the later part of the edited video that shows Clinton tumbling after "being hit" by the golf ball is a 2011 clip when she was the secretary of state and had an incident while boarding an airplane.

The video is cleverly edited to make it out as if she fell due to being hit by the ball.

As soon as Trump retweeted it, Twitter users called out the president for his irrational behavior, with some even questioning his "mental state."

The New York Times White House correspondent, Glen Thrush posted a tweet dripping in sarcasm. "Classy retweet by the leader of the free world, a man with nuke codes, fella who reads TelePrompter on national unity and respect for women," he wrote.

Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter to the president's antics.

Among others, author Stephen King was quick to respond to the tweet, questioning Trump’s mental health.

“Trump thinks hitting a woman with a golf ball and knocking her down is funny. Myself, I think it indicates a severely f------up mind,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time that King has questioned the president’s mental state. Back in July, King had been very vocal about his disapproval of Trump, calling him “an almost textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder" on Twitter.

He had also expressed fear over Trump’s ability to launch a nuclear attack. “That this guy has his finger on the nuclear trigger is worse than any horror story I ever wrote,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first instant of Trump retweeting bizarre posts on his Twitter handle. On Aug. 21 when America witnessed a total solar eclipse, the president shared a meme that showed him slowly "eclipsing" former President Barack Obama, along with the caption "The best eclipse ever!"

The series of images show Trump's jolly, full-color face slowly blocking out a black-and-white image of a solemn Obama.

The bizarre tweet was first shared by Jerry Travone, a Trump supporter and also a YouTuber and political junkie, according to his Twitter bio.

Actress Alyssa Milano had then called Trump out on Twitter, saying,” He's eclipsing the sun with darkness? Is his ineptitude overshadowing Obama's legacy? He's admitting to being racist? I don't get it.”

“I was trying to say that Donald J Trump's spirit and love for this country eclipses anyone and anything," said Travone, Daily Mail reported.