• Trump appeared at a Republican convention wearing noticeably wrinkled pants
  • Twitter users claim he wore his trousers backward
  • Snopes later said Trump had been wearing the pants the right way

Former President Donald Trump has been the subject of a Twitter storm after he made headlines this week over his attire at a Republican convention.

Trump appeared at the North Carolina Republican Party’s state convention Saturday where he was scheduled to give a speech. However, his attire overshadowed his address after many critics noticed his wrinkled pants, with others noting that he may have been wearing the trousers backwards.

“Trump's pants, it turns out, have legs. The unusual wrinkles in his attire raised an unlikely question: Could the former leader of the free world be wearing his suit pants backward?” Twitter account Top U.S. & World News wrote.

“I had to see what the hype was with Trump’s pants last night and I was not disappointed. Make wrinkled palazzo pants great again,” another Twitter user said.

Other Twitter users defended the former president, calling out people who said Trump’s wrinkled pants may be a sign of dementia.

“Just folks still talking about Trump’s speech and how his appearance, particularly his wrinkled, maybe backward pants, possible incontinence, etc. must be caused by some form of dementia. It just pisses me off when anyone uses it as a way to demean someone. Love them or hate them,” Mark Strong wrote.

“Thread after thread of people laying out their findings on why they think he has some form of dementia. It's just tiring and minimizes the very real struggles that families and caretakers have [been] dealing with their loved ones' conditions,” he continued.

Snopes, a fact-checking website, later debunked theories that Trump wore his pants backwards after reviewing 90 minutes of footage from the convention.

"Snopes looked through photographs taken at the event and published by the visual media company Getty Images that clearly show the former president on stage wearing pants with a zipper in the front," the website wrote.

Some Twitter users also associated the incident with a passage in the 2017 book “Let Trump Be Trump,” where the former president allegedly berated Hope Hicks for forgetting a steamer to iron the wrinkles out of his pants while he was wearing them.

“‘Get the machine!’” Trump would yell, according to the book. “And Hope would take out the steamer and start steaming Mr. Trump’s suit, while he was wearing it! She’d steam the jacket first and then sit in a chair in front of him and steam his pants.”

The tell-all book was written by Trump’s ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former top aide, David Bossie.

At the GOP convention, Trump touted the accomplishments of his administration, including the development of the COVID-19 vaccine and his infamous border wall. He also endorsed Rep. Ted Budd, R-N.C., for senate in 2022.

Former US president Donald Trump addresses the state Republican convention on June 5, 2021 in Greenville, North Carolina
Former US president Donald Trump addresses the state Republican convention on June 5, 2021 in Greenville, North Carolina GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Melissa Sue Gerrits