Two senior Queensland Health officials were reportedly fired ahead of the release of a report on a payroll fiasco.

A report into Queensland Health's payroll debate is scheduled to be discussed in the parliament on Tuesday.

Several health workers were not getting their pay, were underpaid, or were overpaid due to a new system flaw which was introduced last March.

The Courier Mail disclosed that Deputy director-general Michael Kalimnios and services executive director Adrian Shea received their contract terminations on Monday night.

A spokesperson for Health Minister Paul Lucas declined to give statements on the issue.

“We're not going to pre-empt the report,” she said.

“Queensland Health deals with staffing.”

Another spokesperson for Queensland Health also did not comment on the disclosure of the report.

The state's auditor-general probed the payroll system problems and a report will contain steps on how government departments can avoid them in the future.

Auditor-General Glenn Poole will release his report at 9am.

Meanwhile, Premier Anna Bligh told Queensland Health workers yesterday they should not be worried if their tax payment summaries are incorrect.

Ms. Bligh gave assurance that the department is currently working on the end-of-financial year paperwork and will look into the cause of the system flaws.

Queensland Health is on track to have those group certificates out and is making arrangements with the tax office to ensure that if any of those group certificates are less than accurate, no one will be disadvantaged as a result, she said.