• An SUV driver got out of his car and allegedly spat on the Uber driver 
  • He cracked the Uber driver's windshield, leaving him with $1,600 worth of damage
  • Police are searching for the assiliant 

A man who was working as an Uber driver to raise money for his cancer treatment was allegedly left with a cracked windshield after a violent encounter with a fellow driver in Washington.

Ulysses Tucker, a 66-year-old retired TV producer, is suffering from leukemia and has been working with the rideshare app to cover his medical expenses.

Tucker said an SUV driver approached him when he was driving on the North Capitol and K streets NW last Friday. The man was apparently angry that Tucker was moving slowly in heavy traffic. He got out of his car and allegedly spat on Tucker. The enraged driver then proceeded to break Tucker's windshield by pounding on it violently.

"He tried to pull me out, but the seatbelt kept me in. And then when I said, 'I got your tag number, I got your tag number,' then he spit on me some more, went back to his vehicle and pulled off," Tucker told NBC Washington.

The assault reportedly caused $1,600 worth of damage to the man's windshield. Tucker said the additional expenses have made it more difficult for him to cover his treatment cost.

"I can't really drive Uber with this damage," he added. "It's going to be about $1600. (I can't afford that), not right now."

Tucker said he wants to tell the assailant not to be so angry. "Take your time and you can't have a chip on your shoulder," he told NBC.

Tucker gave the tag number of the driver to the police following the incident, 7News reported. Police are currently trying to track down the SUV driver.

In another incident involving an Uber employee, a 55-year-old woman in Florida was sentenced to 18 months on probation for choking, scratching and biting a driver last month. When the 23-year-old driver reached the woman's residence, she attacked him from behind and choked the driver. The woman was taken to a hospital before her arrest. Her family claimed she had no recollection of the attack when she woke up.

An Uber car equipped with cameras and sensors drives the streets of Washington, DC, on January 24, 2020. Uber agreed to sell its Advanced Technologies Group to Aurora in exchange for a stake in the tech startup
An Uber car | Representational Image AFP / Eric BARADAT