• UFO expert Scott Waring claims to have spotted an alien city on the Moon
  • Image of the alleged alien city was taken by NASA during a previous mission
  • Waring believes the photo proves the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an entire alien city on the surface of the Moon. He came across images of alleged alien structures on the lunar surface while going through photos taken by NASA.

The strange sighting was reported by Scott Waring if the UFO-centered blog ET Data Base. In a recent blog post, Waring noted that he spotted several alleged alien buildings in photos featured by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, which features images of the Moon taken by NASA during its previous missions.

At first, Waring only spotted a couple of structure-like objects in the photos. Then, after seeing multiple objects, he believed that the alleged buildings were part of a massive alien city on the Moon.

“I found a structure in a NASA moon photo the other day and I decided to highlight it with yellow to make it more visible to others,” he stated in a blog post. “Then I saw another and then another.”

Based on the photos, the alleged alien structures have varying shapes. Aside from these objects, Waring also claimed to have spotted an alien ship docked on the lunar surface.

“There are some incredible structures I found here,” he explained. “About 40 but I did see many more, but the detail was so poor on these I decided to leave them alone. Check out the alien ships at the top center of the photo.”

According to Waring, the photo proves the existence of an intelligent alien civilization in space. He believes that the reason why humans have not yet made contact with extraterrestrial intelligence is because the aliens are deliberately hiding their presence.

“What does all this mean?” he stated. “It means we are not alone in the universe and never were. It means there are intelligent species out there, but they are either keeping their distance or they are hiding themselves among us.”

Despite being referenced in Waring’s recent blog post, neither NASA nor the Lunar and Planetary Institute has released a statement addressing the UFO expert’s claims about the alleged alien city on the Moon.

Photo of the Moon taken by the LRO 4 NASA