• UFO expert Scott Waring claimed to have spotted an object flying out of the Sun
  • The strange object was reportedly captured by NASA's solar satellite in a video
  • Waring believes the strange object might be an alien vessel

A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s solar satellite captured an image of a massive, mysterious object flying out of the Sun. According to the expert, the object could be a type of disk-shaped spacecraft.

The strange UFO sighting was reported by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. In a recent blog post, Waring revealed that he spotted the image of the alleged alien vessel in a short video captured by NASA.

The video was uploaded by NASA through the Helioviewer site, which features images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The SDO is a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA on Feb. 11, 2010. For over a decade, the spacecraft has been closely monitoring the Sun by collecting data regarding its activities.

Recently, NASA shared a short clip that was taken by the SDO on June 22. During the first few seconds of the clip, solar materials can be seen coming out of the Sun’s surface. Then, a massive circular object flies out of the Sun toward space. The object appears to leave a trail as it flies out of the massive star in the clip.

After reviewing the video, Waring claimed that the object could be a spacecraft that was exiting the Sun. Waring insisted that as the object moved away from the Sun, it activated a cloaking mechanism to go undetected.

“There appears to be a large disk-shaped craft leaving from within our sun,” Waring stated in a blog post. “The object is huge and as it moves out its form is clearly a huge round object, but as it moves away, the object fades and vanishes as if it soon cloaked the ship to go undetected. Interesting video and very difficult to tell for sure for or against it due to the poor video quality that NASA puts out.”

Although the exact nature of the object is still unclear, a YouTube user who viewed the video commented that it could be a type of solar emission such as a flare.

As for NASA, the agency has not released a statement or information that addresses or acknowledges the claims made by Waring regarding the object.

SDO Image
Image captured by the SDO spacecraft NASA/SDO