A mysterious aircraft that’s now being considered to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) recently caused the lockdown of both the White House and Capitol Hill as security executives scrambled to identify if the aircraft is a possible threat.

According to Fox News, the UFO was discovered by Capitol securities Tuesday morning as it triggered an airspace alarm over the Capitol, prompting the secret service to launch emergency procedures just in case the “UFO” could cause a serious threat to the U.S.’ main political seat.

The security around Capitol Hill also warned the people outside to stay out of the area as they continue to identify what the flying object could be and avoid any catastrophic events just in case.

“We don’t know what the hell it was,” one security personnel told Fox.

According to an official, the alarm could have been caused by birds, a drone or some type of “weather anomaly.”

What’s curious is that the Capitol’s security officials received different information regarding what exactly was hovering over the area. Mixed reports say that the object is “hovering” while some were describing an object that was moving at a certain speed, measuring it in “knots.”

Fox’s Chad Pergram tweeted, “Fox is told security officials got different info as to location & speed regarding the aircraft in question potentially posing a security risk in DC today. Officials heard it was 'hovering' & were even given 'knots' measuring its speed. But they still don’t know what it was.”

The situation escalated to “Air Con Orange,” which is given only if a suspicious aircraft is detected to be uncomfortably close to the Capitol Hill and White House’s secured perimeter. However, Air Con Orange should only be up for a few minutes before security personnel can determine if the situation should be escalated or downgraded. Those in Capitol Hill were advised to leave the premises but were allowed to go back in after 30 minutes.

Based on the report, the aircraft was simply something that got mixed signals prompting it to enter restricted airspace. As a response, the security forces of both Capitol Hill and the White House had to send jets to scramble whatever was hovering above them.

UFO Alien
An illustration of an alien. Pawel86/Pixabay