Under the Dome season 2 spoilers
"Under the Dome" will return to the small screen June 30 will a brand new season. CBS/UnderTheDome

“Under the Dome” will be back with a brand new Season 2 on Monday at 10 p.m. EDT. So set your alarms now and finish those premiere party plans, because rumor has it episode 1 will have leave viewers’ abuzz with excitement.

But instead of discussing what Stephen King has in store for this CBS summer series, how about we go back in time to see where the master of mysteries left us when the Season 1 finale concluded:

The final episode of the freshman series, “Curtains,” aired on Sept. 16, 2013, and ended with quite the cliffhanger. Episode 13 began with a scene of Norrie, Joe, Carolyn and Linda all gathered in Ben’s room, attempting to explain what the mini-dome was to Linda. Linda, however, only gets one thing out of their spiel: The mini-dome is police property.

Just then the black monarch eggs begin to hatch, creating dark smudges against the tiny dome, which is mirrored throughout the big dome, as they slam their little insect bodies into the edges. That’s when Linda reaches for the miniature dome but a force sends her sailing across the room.

As Linda recovers from the sudden jolt, “Under the Dome” flashes to a scene of Barbie still under Big Jim’s captivity. The duo are unable to see eye to eye on what power and respect means, but their debate is put on hold when Junior’s dad rushes over to Ben’s house to look for the mini-dome. Instead he finds Linda lying on the ground alone. She’s able to recount the incident and tells Big Jim that they need to find the secret to free them from captivity.

While Big Jim is out looking for the mini-dome, Julia and Angie are able to break into the town’s jail and free Barbie. That’s when the dome covering Chester’s Mill completely transforms into a black sphere. Residents start to panic – and rightfully so.

Soon after being freed, Junior pulls a gun on Barbie and drags him back to the station, but not before the tiny dome shatters, leaving the eggs exposed. One of them hatches and flutters above Barbie for a minute, but ultimately it's Julia who is picked to become monarch.

Julia, Angie and Joe then ask the black egg for guidance, which is when Norrie’s dead mother, Alice, appears. The ghost explains to the group that it has taken human form to “bridge the divide,” adding that the dome is there as a protector.

“You will see in time,” the mystery entity responds when asked what the dome is protecting them from.

It’s then revealed that the only way to achieve light in the dome is by keeping the egg safe.

When Big Jim returns to the station, he makes an announcement over the police radio telling Julia that she must bring the egg to the station or it’s Barbie who will face the repercussions. Big Jim has the notion that the Rennies are the chosen family because prior to his wife’s death she would draw pink stars and black eggs, which resemble the events occurring in the dome.

Junior and Big Jim then walk Barbie out to their makeshift gallows as father and son. Julia has opted to sink the eggs to the bottom of a river rather than hand them over to the power-hungry dome dictator. When the coveted eggs are dropped, pink stars begin to rise up in the dome. Big Jim takes this as a blessing for the hanging. He instructs his son to pull the lever, but Junior is too transfixed over the stars to do so. A blinding, white light then illuminates the dome, leaving viewers unable to see whether or not Barbie had survived ... and that's where Season 1 of "Under the Dome" left us!

To see whether or not Barbie survives, click here! Otherwise, tune into “Under the Dome” when the Season 2 premiere airs on Monday at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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