A United Airlines flight attendant was fired after arriving in a city drunk and unaware of where they had landed.

The United flight attendant was working a morning flight leaving from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on August 2nd for South Bend International Airport in South Bend, Indiana. However, passengers noticed the lone flight attendant seemed impaired as they were getting on the plane. It wasn’t until after the plane took off that airport police learned that the attendant was drunk or experiencing a “medical issue” during the flight.

One passenger also took to social media to share pictures and posts about the drunken flight attendant.

“After everyone boarded the flight and we were still parked at the gate, the flight attendant began the security announcement, which seemed very slurred,” passenger Aaron Scherb told McClatchy newsgroup in an email. “She stopped after about 10 seconds without finishing.”

Once the flight arrived in South Bend, several airport police officers and United employees boarded the plane to ensure everything was ok. They checked on the attendant before speaking with the passengers, with some saying they were “scared for their lives,” according to the arrest record.

Everyone onboard was checked off the plane before the officers took the attendant to an office for evaluation. It was found that the attendant wasn’t suffering from any medical issues, but determined she was drunk from her slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and smell of alcohol on her breath.

She has since been fired by United Airlines and charged with public intoxication. She could possibly serve six months in jail for the incident.

United Airlines
A United Airlines plane sits on the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport in California on April 18, 2018. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images