The specter of aliens swooping down on earth has been an area of grisly, scary imagination fuelling many sci-fiction and Hollywood potboilers. Now here is a cool solution by a lawmaker who says diplomacy is the best bet to tame fiery aliens.

But Seth Moulton, the new aspirant to join the American presidential race from the Democrat forum is cool and hopeful that he can use “diplomacy” to win over hostile aliens.

Sure, this has added a new dimension of credibility to the alien phenomenon.

No wall to stop aliens

“Certainly I would not build a wall between here and Mars,” Moulton quipped while responding to a question from media how he will handle an alien attack.

The Democratic congressman said he would “start with diplomacy” to keep the peace.

Swearing by diplomacy, Moulton said, “this is serious, guys — you got to start with diplomacy. You always have to start with diplomacy.”

“What I would do with this alien, I’d give him a classic American meal of beer and a burger,” Moulton added.

But how far American cuisine would be palatable to aliens in averting interplanetary bloodshed looks unclear.

This is apparent in movies like Independence Day or Mars Attacks! that showed being decent to aliens is no good for earthlings.

Humans will be like cavemen taking on armed forces

Moulton’s comments drew a light-hearted rejoinder from a top scientist working on extraterrestrial intelligence.

“If spacecraft from another solar system were to set down on Earth, you can be sure the occupants are technologically far, far beyond us,” commented Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in California.

He joked that only “diplomacy will be left” as other options will not work as fighting off aliens would be like cavemen taking on the army’s special forces.

Shostak also had a dig at the choice of hamburgers saying they may not be the best food to aliens, “given that the aliens’ biochemistry is somewhat different than ours!.”

Angelle Tanner, a professor of physics at Mississippi State University also joked that the aliens “could be allergic to gluten.”

But Moulton’s belief in diplomacy remains unshakeable. As a former liaison to Iraqi leaders during his stint in the Marines, he believes diplomacy can deliver in all tight situations.

GettyImages-Seth Moulton
US House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (L) looks on as US Rep Seth Wilbur Moulton (D-MA) speaks during a press conference about the Iran nuclear deal on Capitol Hill in Washington on September 8, 2015. Seth Moulton announced his candidacy for the 2020 American presidential race on April 22 as a Democrat aspirant. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Moulton now joins the crowd of at least thirteen Democrats who include veterans and serving members of Congress.

Elected to Congress in 2014, Moulton, 40, is known as a critic of House Democrats’ leader Nancy Pelosi.

Moulton tried to send a message at the media interaction that he can use his military experience to distinguish himself on security and defense issues.

The Harvard-educated veteran also showcased some proposals on creating jobs, protecting the environment and improving affordable health care.