Valheim Crossbow
The Arbalest is the first crossbow introduced in Valheim Valheim


  • The crossbow's materials can be found in the Swamp
  • Players need a Black Forge to craft the crossbow
  • The weapon can only use Blackmetal Bolts as ammo

As of the Mistlands update, players in "Valheim" will get access to the Arbalest, a crossbow that packs enough punch to throw enemies back with its massive ammunition.

Bows have been a part of "Valheim" since its initial release, and despite filling the same ranged niche, the crossbow manages to set itself apart from the other options players can choose. Its high damage profile and surprising stagger potential are amazing for group play, though its slow reload speed leaves much to be desired.

Here's how to make the Arbalest in the "Valheim" Mistlands update.

Crafting Materials

  • 10x Wood
  • 8x Iron
  • 4x Root

These three materials can be gathered as soon as players gain access to the Swamp biome. Bring a Swamp Key, a few pickaxes, good weapons and plenty of healing before diving into Sunken Crypts for iron.

Root is a relatively-new crafting material that only drops from the Abominations in Swamps. These large, lumbering targets are intimidating, but brave Vikings with slashing weapons and fire arrows can take them down relatively easily.

Bonemass next to his giant skull cauldron in Valheim.
Bonemass next to his giant skull cauldron in Valheim. Valheim

Making the Crossbow

The unfortunate part about the Arbalest is that players still need to reach the Mistlands before they can make it. This is because the weapon can only be crafted on a Black Forge, which requires biome-specific materials.

Players need to kill Yagluth, gather Black Marble, dive into Infested Mines and chop down some Yggdrasil wood before they can craft the Arbalest and the rest of the Mistlands weapons.

The Infested Mine expeditions will be the hardest part of this process. Not only will players need to find the mines through the thick fog, but they'll also have to deal with the boatload of giant insects that live inside the dungeons. Bring high-damage weapons, a lot of friends or both.

Luckily, the Arbalest won't use any of the rarer Mistlands materials. This will save players the hassle of exploring more mines while still providing them the means to take tougher targets down faster.

Take note that this weapon only takes Blackmetal Bolts as ammunition. Make sure to have a healthy supply of Blackmetal bars for the sake of crafting ammo.

Valheim Black Forge
Black Forges are new crafting stations from the Mistlands update Valheim