Vampire Diaries
Elena (Nina Dobrev) was involved in a shocking twist at the end of "The Vampire Diaries" midseason finale. CW

Only one show can combine gore with the holidays. “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 midseason finale aired on Thursday night, introducing juicy and heartbreaking twists and turns.

Episode 10 kicked off with Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) working in the ER when a group of bloody victims were rolled in. She didn’t understand what happened, but she soon found out – her psycho twin brother, Kai (Chris Wood). The ever-dramatic Kai wanted the element of surprise. He snuck up behind Jo and injected her with drugs to knock her out.

Kai and Jo might not have had a jolly reunion, but Caroline (Candice Accola) had one with her mom, Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre). The blonde vampire had been feeling homesick so Sheriff Forbes surprised her at her dorm room. Since Caroline couldn’t return to Mystic Falls for Christmas, her mom decided to bring Christmas to her. Caroline walked in to find her mom in the middle of decorating … and Stefan (Paul Wesley) was there to help.

Needless to say, Caroline was not happy to see Stefan. She kicked him out after lecturing him about why he was a bad friend. But fortunately Stefan didn’t get very far. Sheriff Forbes collapsed and Stefan whisked into the room just in time to catch her.

After bringing Sheriff Forbes to the hospital, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan learned that Caroline’s mom had a fast growing brain tumor. Sheriff Forbes had known for a few weeks but didn’t have the heart to tell Caroline. Elena thought it was up to her to break the news, but Stefan said he would take care of it. He had left Caroline before and knew that it was up to him to be there for her now.

Caroline didn’t believe Stefan, but eventually the truth set in. Setting aside her hatred for him, Caroline cried in his arms.

Meanwhile in 1994, Bonnie decided that she was going to celebrate Christmas even though she was all-alone. Since she had been keeping track of the days, Bonnie knew that Mystic Falls would be celebrating their annual tree decorating ceremony. In order to feel more connected to her friends the witch experience flashbacks to the tree decorating ceremony their freshman year of high school.

In the cemetery on the Mystic Falls border, Jo woke up to find that Kai had got his hands on the knife that she stored her magic in. Kai had managed to convince Tyler (Michael Trevino) to help him get Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu) on his side. But why would they all agree? Because if Kai and Jo merged then Liv and Luke wouldn’t have to.

Luke knew that Kai would win the merger with Jo and murder their entire coven and countless other innocent people. But Liv didn’t care as long as she and Luke were alive.

Kai stabbed Jo with the knife in order to reunite her with her magic. However that didn’t work. Jo warned him that it had to be up to her to accept the magic again, and that she’d bleed out before he managed to do the spell. Kai realized she was right and went to fetch a bandage. But before he left he put Liv in charge of getting Jo to accept her magic … otherwise he’d cut her throat.

Liv tried to tell Jo that she was powerful enough to defeat Kai, but she couldn’t manage to convince her to take her magic back before their psycho brother returned. Kai stole Liv’s magic and turned it on her. Jo wasn’t willing to see her sister get killed, and agreed to take her magic back if Kai stopped torturing Liv.

Fortunately Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Alaric (Matt Davis) were waiting outside to help Jo and kill Kai. Alaric managed to surprise Kai with a gun to his head. However Jo stopped him from pulling the trigger. She asked that they tie him up and keep him alive while she regained her strength in order to defeat him.

Elsewhere, Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) decided to go through with their plan to capture and kill Enzo (Michael Malarkey). Matt tricked Enzo into a room, and with Jeremy’s help they managed to sink a couple of stakes in him. Instead of killing him then and there, Matt decided that it would be more painful to drive him across the border of Mystic Falls. Of course there was a twist though …

After getting tied up by Alaric and Damon, Kai decided to steal the Traveler magic that put a bubble around Mystic Falls. The magic allowed him to break free … and also stripped the anti-supernatural spell on the town. Matt opened up the back of his car thinking that Enzo would be a bloody ball of mush. However Enzo was alive and well. He turned the tables on Matt and locked him up. While Enzo didn’t kill him, he warned Matt that he would help him take down Stefan … or he would kill him.

Since Kai was gone, Damon had nothing else to do but finally return home. Relaxing in the Salvatore mansion, Damon got a call from Elena, who wanted to talk. He invited her over, but got a surprise before she arrived. Stefan returned home in Damon’s beloved car, the same car that he crashed into The Grill in order to kill the Travelers. While Damon was gone, Stefan grieved by fixing Damon’s car.

The brothers ended the midseason finale of “The Vampire Diaries” on a good note … but unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for Damon and Elena. Elena showed up at the door, which was already decked out with mistletoe. Damon answered the door … but couldn’t see Elena. In a shocking twist, Kai had put a cloaking spell on both him and Elena, preventing anyone from seeing them. He then proceeded to knock Elena out, preventing any happy Delena reunion from happening in the final episode of 2014.