The ongoing U.S. election drama and protests seemed to have been predicted by an episode of the now-defunct political satire show "Veep."

As President Trump supporters gather outside ballot-counting stations in Arizona, several fans and people affiliated with the show on Twitter recalled plot points from "Veep" Season 5, which aired in 2016.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration demanded a recount in Wisconsin and urged for vote-counting to be stopped. The president's campaign also filed lawsuits in the hope to stop vote counting in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Notably, Democratic nominee Joe Biden saw a surge in mail-in votes in those three states.

However, as Trump regains ground in Arizona, there is no mention of the president having a problem with the vote continuation there.

Viral footage now shows Pro-Trump protesters in Michigan urging polls to stop counting votes while in Arizona they are vocally supporting the continuation of ballots being counted.

In the “Nev-AD-a” episode of "Veep," Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character, presidential candidate Selina Meyer, won the popular vote but needed Nevada’s electoral votes. In the episode, Meyer demands a recount as she thinks it will benefit her campaign.

Over the next two episodes, protesters planted by Meyer’s team alternatively chant “count every vote” or “stop counting the votes” depending on the latest information, and according to which option best-suited her, The Daily Beast reported.

Former producers, actors, writers, and fans on the HBO show were quick to respond to the similarities of the latest U.S. protests to the show's plotline on Twitter Thursday. As a result, "Veep" trended on the platform.

David Mandel, who served as an executive producer of "Veep," tweeted, “I’m not sure #veep trended when we were actually on the air... not really worth it.”

“Veep” writer Alexis Wilkinson wrote, “We wrote this on @VeepHBO…and they just…tweeted it out.”

Lead actress Dreyfus also chimed in on Twitter and noted the similarities.

Hollywood producer Judd Apatow was also quick to post a joke in response to the chaos.

Josh Barro, a columnist for New York Magazine, tweeted: “It's like the plot line on 'Veep' where they're trying to get a recount in Nevada and then they realize right as the court hearing starts that a recount will be bad for them so they start arguing against the recount.”

Twitter user Alex Kirshner also noted the similarities between the series and real life, posting, "This is a 'Veep' episode. Like, there was a 'Veep' episode where a campaign did exactly this."