Verizon's $2 convenience fee it plans to charge customers for online and phone payments may make it the latest victim of the wrath of the Internet in 2011.

The first victim was Netflix, which announced a fee hike of 60 percent for existing services. Then, it made the mistake of inconveniencing customers by separating existing services into two entities.

Customers poured out their complaints against Netflix online. Then, they left Netflix in droves. The company's latest earnings report revealed an exodus of 800,000 U.S. subscribers from the previous quarter.

The second victim was Bank of America, which proposed to charge a $5 debt card fee to offset increased expenses from new government regulation. The intense customer and public backlash eventually forced the bank to shelf the fee proposal.

Most recently, Go Daddy incurred the wrath of the Internet by supporting the controversial SOPA bill. When backlash persisted and customers left (by its own admission), it eventually rescinded its support for SOPA and now opposes it.

Verizon's $2 convenience fee proposal has all the elements of a move that would incur the wrath of the Internet.

Its Facebook page is flooded with comments of outraged customers threatening to leave for a competitor. A Boycott Verizon Facebook page has been created. has a STOP Verizon from charging a $2 Convenience Fee petition.

Twitter is abuzz with chatter of the $2 convenience fee. Reddit's Technology subreddit is littered with posts about it.

Verizon announced the proposed $2 convenience fee on Thursday; it remains to be seen how much the Internet outrage will translate to customers leaving.

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