The career of Ted Southern, the designer of Victoria's Secret's famous angel wings, is in for a huge transition as he lands up with a NASA contract for fashioning gloves for astronauts.

The New York Post reported that in 2009, Ted finished second place in an inventor's competition that called for new glove designs for astronauts.

The goal of the Astronaut Glove Challenge was to improve the existing glove design, resulting in a stronger and more flexible glove that will reduce the hand fatigue experienced by astronauts working in space.

The win eventually turned into an exclusive NASA contract for Ted following which he teamed up with another competitor from the 2007 glove challenge, Nikolay Moiseev, and launched a studio in Gowanus

Hands are really critical in space, and the gloves were consistently a weak point, Southern told the New York Post. You need more flexibility and more torque.

Besides the gloves, the designer is also working on a full suit for the purpose of commercial space travel.