John Boyega
British actor and star of Star Wars John Boyega says he can't go anywhere without seeing himself on an ad for the new Star Wars film. Reuters

British actor John Boyega says being cast in the upcoming Star Wars movie is a life-changing experience.

The rising Hollywood star was presenting the nominations for this year's Independent Spirit Awards Monday, an event that recognizes the importance of indie films and the vision behind them.

Boyega owes his big break to independent films; he said it was his role in teen sci-fi movie "Attack the Block" that helped him land one of the lead roles in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

The young actor has already braced himself for the changes that come with taking on a lead role in arguably one of Hollywood's greatest franchises, and has described the experience of seeing the extensive publicity for the movie as "surreal".

The next chapter in the iconic sci-fi series lands in U.S. theatres on December 18. The 2016 Independent Spirit Awards ceremony will be held in California's Santa Monica beach city on February 27, the day before the Academy Awards.