A barn fire Friday morning in Michigan has drawn headlines from media around the country. According to local reports, the fire killed 300,000 chickens.

The farm, located 160 miles from Detroit in Otsego Township, is operated by the Konos Vande Bunte Eggs company, a producer of cage-free poultry products. The company confirmed that the farm would have reduced production for the foreseeable future. Prior to the blaze, the location produced roughly 550,000 eggs per day.

“Firefighters have been working very fast and effectively to contain this fire and make sure the loss is minimalized,” company spokesman Brian Burch confirmed.

Another barn nearby was unaffected by the blaze, including the 250,000 chickens it housed. Around 50 workers were evacuated from the premises. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The smoke produced by the fire could be seen all over, including from the Bittersweet Ski Resort approximately six miles south of the location. The smell of the blaze could also be detected in the nearby cities of Battle Creek and Augusta.

“Agriculture fires are always a challenge, especially at a place like this,” Burch said. “We don’t have city water, we don’t have those same kinds of assets that we sometimes take for granted in cities.”

Burch would not confirm what, if any, affect the fire would have on the number of jobs at the location.

“We are thankful for the work of all the fire departments that helped today,” Konos vice president of operations Rob Knect said in a statement. "Their quick actions kept our farm safe and we are eager to resume production tomorrow.”

chicken Representational image of a chicken. Photo: Reuters