In this representative photo, police cruisers respond as demonstrators march in protest outside the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri, Nov. 26, 2014. Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty Images

Police have faced plenty of scrutiny over the last few years for the question of force and what qualifies as justified or excessive. With the release of a new video online of New Jersey police arresting a teen, the debate continues to persist.

The incident in question occurred on Sunday morning in Dover, New Jersey, outside of a convenience store. Several officers arrived outside the convenience store to confront 19-year-old Cyprian Luke, who had been making a scene in the parking lot. A passerby saw what was happening and immediately started recording the confrontation.

Three officers then restrained him to the ground with one officer holding him by the throat. The officers then started punching Luke in the face multiple times. They then started yelling at Luke, who was on his back, to turn over onto his stomach and one officer pinned him with his knee.

The person filming managed to get a close-up of Luke’s face, which had been bloodied and injured from the officers’ actions.

Not long after, the video was posted online and circulated quickly. A crowd gathered outside the Dover Police Department to protest.

“It's just devastating because my son could have died,” Mary Yurley, Luke’s mother, told NBC’s New York affiliate.

According to released records, Luke was facing charges of criminal mischief, violating court orders, and assault before his arrest. Luke is expected in court on Monday while the three officers have been placed on administrative leave.