Are you ready to raid? Our brutal “Vikings” will be returning to the small screen Thursday with a new episode that is rumored to rock the boat.

“Get ready for the most shocking moment in television,” a promo for episode 7 screamed. So, what’s going down that is supposed to drop our jaws? Well, according to a promo for “Blood Eagle,” fans can expect something outrageous to occur.

Not only will Michael Hirst continue telling the nail-biting story between Ragnar Lothbrok and Jarl Borg, but the creator of the History Channel drama will also throw us a curveball by introducing a character we haven’t seen in a while: King Aelle.

Vikings season 2 spoilers Will King Aelle be asking for King Ecbert's help in getting revenge on the Vikings during "Blood Eagle"? Photo: Vikings

You remember King Aelle, right? The curly-headed King of Northumbria made his “Vikings” debut in episode 7 of Season 1. After he unsuccessfully attempted to trick the “heathens” during “A King’s Ransom,” Ragnar and his men ended up killing King Aelle’s brother to prove the Vikings are no one to toy with. Seeking vengeance of Aethelwulf’s death, King Aelle swore that he would declare “war eternal on the Northman Ragnar Lothbrok.”

Now it looks like he’ll finally be able to get his chance. That is, if King Ecbert decides to aid his mission. In a leaked promotional image for episode 7, fans can see the two kings engaging in an important conversation. Is it safe to assume that Ragnar is the topic? We know King Ecbert shares similar sentiments regarding the pagans from the north. Will he help King Aelle fulfill his goal of killing Ragnar?

Vikings Will King Ecbert agree to help King Aelle destroy the Vikings in episode 7? Photo: Vikings

In the synopsis for episode 7 we learned that King Ecbert “has an eye on a new alliance.” But don’t forget, his trusty right hand man Athelstan — and former friend of Ragnar — might steer Ecbert away from the idea of attacking the Vikings.

Do you think Ecbert and Aelle will join forces to defeat the Vikings? Read our other theories regarding episode 7 here and sound off in the comments section below.