Do you hate making tough decisions? Us, too. Which is why we’re most grateful that we won’t be the ones making “The Choice” in episode 9 of “Vikings.” According to the title of episode 9, it looks like our favorite Vikings will be have to make some pretty hasty decisions on and off the battlefield.

Originally, we thought episode 9 would be based around Ragnar and his storyline of whether he would follow King Horik into battle against the Saxons. But as more sneak peeks made their way onto the Internet, the more we realized that the earl of Kattegat won’t be the only bearded beauty stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It looks like Floki will also have to make a nail-biting decision of whether he wants to back up his bestie or find a new leader to follow. See, Floki and Ragnar’s bromance has been dwindling ever since the earl fought his brother in battle. Could it be that Floki is jealous of his friend’s success? Or could the shipbuilder be feeling left out now that Rollo is back in the picture? We wouldn’t put it past Floki to get green in the face. Didn’t you see how he reacted when Athelstan and Ragnar started growing closer?

But we didn’t realize how upset Floki was until he asked for Helga’s hand in marriage. With wedding bells ringing in her ears, Helga began compiling a list of invitees out loud. Floki abruptly stopped her once Ragnar’s name left her lips.

“I helped him rise. Now he is earl and our world waits upon him. But he cannot have everything. He cannot have you and me,” the disgruntled Viking said.

In another episode, Floki expresses his disdain for the earl once again as he lay in the grass with his love. He explained that he was drawn to King Horik because he understood the gods better than Ragnar. Although Helga attempted to prove her husband that he’s wrong, Floki has already made up his mind. That’s when we see the carpenter sail west — not on Ragnar’s ship but Horik’s.

The red-headed king knows there’s trouble in paradise regarding Floki and Ragnar’s relationship, thanks to Siggy. And because Ragnar’s not his cup of tea either, Horik attempts to bribe Floki, with gold, to become his best friend.

“How is Ragnar treating you these days?” Horik pried.

“He treats me well enough,” Floki answered.

“If you decide to build boats for me, I’d treat you like a king,” Horik said

“You think you could buy me with riches?” Floki responded.

“I wouldn’t insult you like that. I want your ideas. They’re worth more than gold and silver. They come from the gods,” Horik replied, buttering up Ragnar’s former best friend.

In a sneak peek for “The Choice,” we see King Horik take his plan to break up Ragnar’s army of Vikings even further when he offers Floki a proposition.

“We can be honest with each other, can we not?” Horik says. “We know each other well enough — the things we like and those we hate. We share many things. Many ideas. Feelings… about the Earth and the gods. Am I not right?”

“Yes,” Floki answers with his head hanging low.

“I have a proposition to put to you,” the king says before the suspenseful clip cuts.

Do you think Horik’s scheme includes Floki killing Ragnar? Take the poll below and let us know if you think Floki will betray Ragnar in episode 9, “The Choice,” and don’t forget to watch “Vikings” when the History Channel show airs Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT.