In one of the most adorable moments caught on camera, a chimpanzee was seen feeding hungry fish in a pond.

The video was posted by Susanta Nanda, a forest officer in India, on his Twitter page.

In the video, the chimpanzee is seen sitting on what looks like a small bridge over a pond. The charming primate is seen picking fish food from a bowl kept next to it. The chimp then carefully drops it to the pond where a shoal of hungry fish awaits.

“Chimpanzees are 98% humans,” Nanda wrote in the description. “Feeding fish is one of the finest stress busters,” he wrote. He ended his tweet by advising people to try the same.

The video has already gone viral and has got up to 34, 200 views at the time of this writing.

The people who watched the video did not fail to express how they felt. The video gathered tons of comments where viewers expressed their delight and some thanked Nanda for sharing such an adorable video.

“Watching this is also a stress buster... :-) ” a person wrote. “What a great video Sir!!” another Twitter user wrote.

One user said it is the act of feeding an animal that is a stress buster. “Not only fish, I had felt lighter after feeding Cows, monkeys, Dogs, Parrots, Pigeons, Sparrows, even Trees, and needy human... It's the act, which make u feel awesome always,” he wrote

Some viewers did not spare the chance to take a sarcastic shot.

“Seems incorrect to compare chimps with humans, that too 98%! See how lovingly the chimp feeds the fish. And humans will be slobbering seeing those fish! ” a viewer wrote.

“If they are so close to humans. Why are they not protesting or dying from coronavirus? ” another wrote.

However, the primates' act has reminded humans that irrespective of what species we belong to coexisting by helping or caring for each other is the key to survival in this beautiful world.

Nanda has shared many such adorable and interesting videos on his Twitter page.

Humans and chimps have a lot in common. SIA KAMBOU/AFP/Getty Images