• Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that the body needs
  • A lack thereof can result in health complications, and one must be aware of the associated symptoms
  • The body could experience pain in a particular part when there is insufficient vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed by the body in order for it to be able to function properly. However, there are times when one’s schedule, lifestyle, could lead to a deficiency of this vitamin. This could then result in certain health complications that are not so pretty.

When a person lacks vitamin D, he could experience issues with certain body functions. Remember that vitamin D is needed by the body in order for the gut to absorb calcium efficiently. It is also needed for bone growth. With the right amounts of vitamin D, the bone can become brittle and thin. At times, it could be misshapen. In addition, it is also needed to help reduce inflammation. The body is very likely to experience certain symptoms when it already starts to become vitamin D deficient. One of these symptoms is a pain in a certain part of the body.

Chronic Headaches

A Finnish study revealed that men who don’t get enough vitamin D experience more headaches compared to those with sufficient vitamin D in their bodies. The former are twice as likely to experience a headache at least once a week.

Men, who were examined between the months of October and May, reportedly had more frequent headaches. It is during this period that exposure to sunlight is low. Thus, those in the northern hemisphere also don’t naturally receive the right amount of vitamin D.

Experts’ Advice

Although experts couldn’t exactly pinpoint how a lack of the sunshine vitamin could lead to headaches, they surmise that it may have something to do with the protection that vitamin D provides against nerve-related pain.

As per one health expert, Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, while there has not been a study that dealt entirely with the relationship between chronic headaches and lack of vitamin D, there seems to be a trend that those with healthy vitamin D levels experience lower cases of headaches. Those who believe that they don’t get sufficient amounts of vitamin D can consult their general practitioners regarding vitamin D supplements.

You can also go for foods that are rich in vitamin D. This would include cheese, beef liver, fatty fish and egg yolks. Adding these foods to your diet can help you get the right amount of vitamin D.