It’s been a long, and difficult season, but NBC’s “The Voice” finally came to a close on Tuesday. The top 20 of Season 8 returned along with a cavalcade of celebrity guest stars to usher in the latest winner of the show.

After an hour-long recap of the top 4 final performances from last night, “The Voice“ proved that it can condense itself to just one tight hour of television. Anyway, once that was done, it was on to the two-hour live reading of one name!

The intense night of live music began with the top 4 finalists: Sawyer Fredericks, Koryn Hawthorne, Joshua Davis and Meghan Linsey, coming together to sing “Carry On” by Fun. Given that voting had been closed for eight hours, the contestants had no trouble enjoying themselves on stage. After all, good or bad, their fates were sealed. They were joined for a cover of “Some Nights” by Fun by 16 other people who really had nothing to lose on “The Voice” stage. The remaining top 20 finalists that had been previously eliminated returned to celebrate the winner.

From there, the show was a deluge of covers from the finalists, duets with former contestants and professional artists. Stars like, Meghan Trainor, Sheryl Crow, Ed Sheeran, Luke Bryan and more showed up to ring in the end with the necessary aplomb. After a night of stellar performances, there was no place for nerves during this double-sized celebration of music. Some high points included Hawthorne’s duet with Kelly Clarkson, the debut of Maroon 5’s latest single “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” and a grateful Sawyer Fredericks giving the applause to John Fogerty after their duet. Oh, and let’s not forget coach Christina Aguilera’s hilarious impressions video.

However, the biggest moment of the night had nothing to do with music but the reading of one name. Host Carson Daly dragged out the suspense long enough and after a whole season of pouring his heart out on the stage, Sawyer Fredericks was named winner of “The Voice.” As many people expected, it all came down to the 16-year-old champion and Meghan Linsey. Together they beat out third place winner Joshua Davis and fourth place winner Koryn Hawthorne. Linsey, who had an established career with her ex, was hoping “The Voice” would springboard her career as a solo artist (which hopefully it still does). Meanwhile, Team Pharrell’s Fredericks was a shocker to the audience from the very beginning and kept the momentum going to take home the trophy.

Check out Fredericks’ debut music video for his first single, “Please” below.