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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched episode 10 of “The Walking Dead.”

Episode 10 of “The Walking Dead” was completely mind-blowing. Fans were able to catch up with all the survivors after the fall of the prison and even met up again with previously exiled Carol. New threats and struggles were introduced, but viewers still had one previous situation in the back of their minds: Karen’s murder at the beginning of season 4.

Fans will remember that the prison became a little chaotic after a mysterious illness killed Patrick. His late-night transition into a zombie resulted in the death of a handful of survivors, but it also started a mass panic over the illness. Fear of the sickness spreading got so bad that those believed to be ill were quarantined – and a sick Karen and David were murdered.

Their murders outraged the prison – but more specifically Tyreese, who had developed a romantic relationship with Karen after the first Woodbury attack. Tyreese threatened revenge against the killer, and when Carol confessed to Rick, he banished her from the prison in an attempt to save her life.

Even though Carol admitted to murdering Karen and David and burning their bodies, “Walking Dead” viewers still had doubts about her involvement. One theory was that Carol was actually covering for Lizzie, an orphaned young girl in her care who displayed some odd behavior around walkers. The theory was led by the unknown identity of the person feeding rats to the fence walkers, and the person who dissected a rat and tacked its body to a board – two actions that Carol would definitely not have done.

When Carol was exiled by Rick, “Walking Dead” fans put the Lizzie idea on the back burner. However, the theory about Lizzie’s involvement in Karen’s murder was front and center again in episode 10.

The Midseason Finale Death

Viewers will remember that Lizzie definitely did murder a human. While she previously tried to lure walkers away instead of killing them, Lizzie shot Tara’s girlfriend, Alisha, point-blank in the head without hesitation. Fortunately the shot saved Tyreese’s life, but it’s still a disturbing action coming from a young kid – especially after watching Carl’s hesitation over killing a zombified Shane in season 2.

The Rabbits

After the Governor’s attack on the prison, Lizzie was on the run in the woods with Mika, Tyreese and baby Judith. And while Tyreese focused on taking care of the baby and keeping Mika calm, Lizzie was on the side cutting up little rabbits. The action seemed to hint that she was the one behind the rat mutilation earlier in the season.

Baby Judith

With the possibility of walkers lurking nearby, Mika and Lizzie were growing tired of baby Judith’s crying. Frustrated and afraid of being found while Tyreese was fighting off other walkers, Lizzie decided to try a new approach to quieting Judith -- instead of a bottle or rocking, Lizzie decided to put her hand over the baby’s mouth. And even though it may have been a move done out of fear, the look in Lizzie’s eyes while she did it was completely chilling.

Carol’s Return

Thanks to Sasha’s illness and the attack on the prison, Tyreese’s anger over Karen’s death was pushed aside. Rick never got a chance to tell Tyreese that he had sent Carol packing after she admitted to killing Karen and David, and Carol was shocked when she discovered that. When she found the group in the woods, she decided to not reopen old wounds by telling him what happened. Instead she came up with a story about still being out for supplies when the Governor attacked. Tyreese bought her story, but viewers couldn’t help but notice how oddly protective Carol was over Lizzie and Mika.

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Walking Dead
Did Carol really kill and burn Karen and David at the beginning of season 4? AMC