Walking Dead
Is Rick (Andrew Lincoln) the new leader of Alexandria? That's one of our many questions after the Season 5 finale of "The Walking Dead." AMC

Can we skip summer and fast-forward to the fall? Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” ended Sunday night and provided fans with some jaw-dropping action. Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) both had near-death experiences that left viewers on the edge of their seats, and the highly speculated new villain was finally introduced – the Wolves. The finale concluded with Pete (Corey Brill) showing up at the Alexandria town meeting to attack Rick (Andrew Lincoln), but accidentally cutting Reg’s (Steven Coulter) throat with Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) katana. Meanwhile, Morgan (Lennie James) finally arrived at the safe zone just in time to see Rick put a bullet in Pete’s head.

Thanks to Aaron’s (Ross Marquand) abandoned backpack, viewers know that the Wolves will be making their way to Alexandria in Season 6. But before fans get too hyped up about next season’s drama, check out 13 questions we have after watching the deadly Season 5 finale of “The Walking Dead”:

1. Are there only two members of the Wolves?

Only two men were shown on screen. It seems like you would need more people to form a wolf pack.

2. Why do they kill people?

The Wolves murdered the man in the red poncho and wanted to kill Lennie James. Would they rather build up a zombie army than run into humans?

3. Who wrote that note in Daryl and Aaron’s car?

When Daryl and Aaron got trapped in a car they found a note that read, “bad people coming, don’t stay.” Did those people survive? Or did the Wolves get them?

4. Do the Wolves know how to get to Alexandria?

They found the photos of Alexandria, but did the backpack contain a map? Or are they familiar with the area?

5. Why are the Wolves spray-painting the phrase “Wolves Not Far”?

Is that a warning, or are they just marking their territory?

6. Are the Wolves the people who were exiled from Alexandria?

Aaron told Daryl that the three people exiled from the safe zone were smart. Based on the complex booby trap at the food can building, the Wolves seem pretty smart as well.

7. Why was that guy wearing a red poncho?

Daryl and Aaron were tracking a survivor wearing a bright red poncho. Seems pretty stupid to be wearing something that bright.

8. Did the Wolves murder Noah’s family?

Noah (Tyler James Williams) took everyone to his former safe haven after Beth (Beth Emily Kinney) died. The place had been attacked and zombie parts were scattered in the area. The phrase “Wolves Not Far” was also spray-painted on a wall.

9. What’s going to happen to Nicholas?

Nicholas (Michael Traynor) and Glenn stumbled back to Alexandria together after nearly killing each other. Is all forgiven between them? Does Nicholas need to have a “trial” for his attempted murder of Glenn?

10. Who is going to remove Glenn’s bullet?

Now that Pete is dead, Alexandria has no doctor.

11. Is somebody going to have to “put down” Reg?

Reg died from having his throat cut, meaning that he can reanimate as a zombie.

12. Do the Alexandria folks know the “rules” about turning into walkers?

We know that they’ve lived a sheltered life since the apocalypse. It’s possible they don’t know that they’re all carriers of the zombie virus.

13. Will Deanna give complete control to Rick?

Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) seemed to be on board with what Rick was selling after Reg was killed.

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