The Walking Dead
"The Walking Dead" Season 6 stars Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln), pictured in a promotional photo for the upcoming series return. AMC

After last season’s immensely popular cliffhanger ending, fans have been eagerly awaiting the Season 6 return of “The Walking Dead.” Now, thanks to a newly released promotional poster, viewers have a small clue as to what they can expect when the show returns in October.

The new poster, which AMC dropped online Wednesday, features the show’s initials, “TWD,” on a black background. Inside of the lettering, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) can be seen kneeling down and armed with his signature Python revolver as a fire casts a cloud of black smoke in the sky behind him.

While Rick, guns, fires and gray skies are kind of par for the course on any episode of “The Walking Dead,” the series’ official blog posted a minor spoiler for the Season 6 return by pointing out that Rick is sporting some light bandages on his face. The blog, which announced the new poster, said that these are “from his fight with Pete at the close of Season 5.” While that’s not necessarily earth-shattering news, it does sort of give fans an idea of what they can expect from the Season 6 premiere on Oct. 11.

After, [SPOILER ALERT] Rick was forced to publicly execute Pete (Corey Brill) in front of the townspeople of Alexandria, he looked up to see his Season 1, episode 1 buddy Morgan (Lennie James) looking very distraught with what he’d just seen. Morgan was brought back to the safe haven by Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) after he saved their lives with his really, really cool clobbering stick. Unfortunately, the two just had time to exchange disappointed looks with each other before the credits rolled on a pretty stellar season.

Now, it seems that the show won’t do what it’s done in the past at the onset of a new season and jump the timeline of all the characters ahead to a more peaceful future. In fact, the trailer for the upcoming season even shows Alexandria’s leader Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) still sitting in a pool of her dead husband’s blood. This likely means that the show will likely pick up on the very night Season 5 left off, with Rick’s wounds still not fully healed.

As previously reported, Lincoln revealed that fans won’t have to endure a time jump that would gloss over a lot of the emotional turmoil our favorite characters were in at the end of Season 5 of “The Walking Dead.”

“There are more walkers than we’ve ever faced before,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly. “I think the storytelling is astonishing. Scott [Gimple] has kind of picked up very much where we left off and he’s spinning 18 principal storylines in an incredibly complicated and cool way.”

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