walking dead companion series
The "Walking Dead" companion series has released two promo images from the anticipated spinoff. AMC

Ready to sink your teeth into more “Walking Dead” drama? You’re in luck! According to reports, AMC has officially given the green light to the hit zombie series’ yet-untitled spinoff, which is set to launch its six-episode freshman season in late summer.

But that’s not all the juicy scoop we have for fans of the deadly drama. The “Walking Dead” sequel, which is currently being referred to by its working title, “Fear the Dead,” has also been renewed for a second installment that is expected to premiere in 2016.

“We feel empowered by this two-season commitment, a serious show of faith from our network partner AMC,” executive producer Robert Kirkman said in a statement. “I personally take it as a sign that they believe, like we do, that we’ve accomplished our goal of developing something original that can pay tribute to the original show and expand the world I created while at the same time having something new to say with this story. ... We really haven’t scratched the surface yet when it comes to ‘The Walking Dead.’”

Although the show will follow in the terrifying footsteps of “The Walking Dead,” the spinoff will opt for a refreshing approach by taking place in a new location and different time period.

“From the beginning of ‘The Walking’ Dead on AMC, we’ve been asked questions about what was going on in other parts of the zombie apocalypse, and what it looked like as the world really did ‘turn.’ Through this new series, we’re going to find out,” AMC president Charlie Collier said, confirming that the sequel would take place just as the outbreak occurred in Los Angeles.

Audiences were then given a teaser of what’s to come in the “Walking Dead” spinoff series with the release of two chilling promotional images. One photo from the companion series features two characters looking around in a gloomy building. And from their fashionable outfit choices, fans can guess that the apocalypse may have just begun, considering that the actors are sporting blazers and button-downs instead of combat boots and dirt-covered shirts.

The other image is a bit more telling as viewers can see three characters coming across a blood-soaked body.

But was the death due to the walker disease? Time will only tell when the “Walking Dead” spinoff premieres this summer!