Walmart, the nation's largest food retailer, has developed a new label to tell shoppers which foods are healthy. Reuters

Walmart (NYSE: WMT) will begin slapping Great For You icons on products to help consumers identify healthier foods made by its private label brand.

The Bentonville, Ark.-based company announced a healthier food initiative last year, to fight the nation's bulging waistlines.

Walmart moms are telling us they want to make healthier choices for their families, but need help deciphering all the claims and information already displayed on products, said Andrea Thomas, senior vice president of sustainability at Walmart. Our 'Great For You' icon provides customers with an easy way to quickly identify healthier food choices. As they continue to balance busy schedules and tight budgets, this simple tool encourages families to have a healthier diet.

The icon will be on its Walmart Great Value and Marketside items, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, starting this spring. The company said the label will only be on foods that meet criteria within the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture and Institute of Medicine.

The nation's largest food retailer, known more for its rock-bottom pricing than quality, joins a bandwagon with a number of fast food restaurants into the health market.

Shares rose eight cents to $61.77 in afterhours trading after falling 19 cents to $61.69 in the regular session.